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A few words from the artist Teresa Moran

Images of angels and saints were a big part of my childhood. Their images were everywhere - in churches, on cards commemorating the saints, and in the nearby monastery (Mount Mellory) which the whole family would visit every few weeks.

While studying art for two years in Florence, I began to fully appreciate the spiritual artworks of the Italian Renaissance Masters, particularly those of Fra Angelico, Lorenzo da Monaco, and Giovanni Bellini. Even after more than 500 years, beautifully-painted angels still glitter like treasure in every church, museum, and gallery in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

When painting a spiritual image, I endeavour to convey strength, peacefulness, and inner beauty. While I am very much inspired by Italian Renaissance artworks, when working on commissioned work, I incorporate requests to render an angel with particular clothing or colouring.

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I also enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes. Visit my other website to view some of this artwork.

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